Lowest price guarantee

Who wants to pay too much for a new sofa? Certainly not us here at House of Chesterfield. There won't be any sudden deals or discounts after you have bought your couch, and no hidden costs. This website was set up precisely to prevent this from happening. As enthusiasts of the Chesterfield style, we want to keep authentic Chesterfield sofas as affordable as possible so that everyone can enjoy this beautiful piece of furniture. And that is why you always pay the lowest price in for your original Chesterfield furniture in the United Kingdom.

No smooth talking at House of Chesterfield

Are you looking for a beautiful Chesterfield sofa? Do you know exactly what you are looking for, and don't need any custom-made modifications? Then our product range is exactly what you are looking for!

A classic Chesterfield sofa or armchair available in many colours of bovine leather. By shifting our focus for these best-selling models to online sales, you instantly save money. This means that we do not retain any margin in order to be able to give any possible discounts.

Our own furniture workshop

The House of Chesterfield sofas are produced entirely in-house in our own furniture workshops. From the frame and the upholstery, to the delivery to your home, the supply chain is entirely under our own management. This significantly reduces the number of people claiming a margin as a middle-man, and allows us to keep costs as low as possible.